Monday, March 7, 2011

Top 5 Reasons To Move To Uptown Dallas

Uptown Dallas is an ideal mix of city life, night life and everything in between. The area is noted for being the more upscale and trendy section of Dallas. Yet, the area has many uniquely charming aspects, including being known as housing a close-knit community of people. Here are five good reasons to consider a move to Uptown Dallas.

1. Pedestrian Friendly - Uptown Dallas provides the feeling of community and has much to offer young professionals and executives looking to call the area home. Much of the area is described as being "pedestrian-friendly", because the majority of apartments, lofts and town homes are just steps away from an abundance of dining and entertainment options. In addition, the 3.5 mile Katy Trail is easily accessible for local runners and bikers. The trail will eventually span over 17 miles and connect to other major trails in Dallas.

2. Shops For Every Taste - Uptown Dallas has a variety of shops catering to nearly every taste. The area is known for having a large variety of antique shops and art galleries. A number of charming boutiques and clothing shops in the West Village shopping center are another attraction for those looking to move to Uptown. In fact, several residents of the area do not own cars because of the availability of everything they need in such a relatively small area.

3. Plenty Of Culture - In keeping with the style of the community, cultural attractions add to the appeal of living here. These range from movie theaters, art shows and exhibitions to charity fundraisers and fashion shows. Such events occur year round in this community. Other venues include The Dallas Opera, The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture and captivating visual arts galleries. In addition, the Dallas Arts District, the country's largest urban arts district, is just minutes from Uptown and accessible by trolley.

4. Great Selection Of Dining Choices - Countless dining choices are available in Uptown Dallas to satisfy nearly every palate. Grabbing a bite before work? There are a number of neighborhood dining choices serving up breakfast to start off the work day. Looking for something special? Tribeca Restaurant and Lounge is a favorite spot. In the mood for something romantic? Try the Cru Wine Bar or Pomodoro. Need a place to relax after a long day? Uptown Bar and Grill is a popular choice. Some of the more popular bars include Ginger Man, TABC and The Londoner.

5. Close Proximity To Work And School - Young professionals, working students and seasoned business professionals will all appreciate the close proximity to area businesses and schools, including SMU and UTSouthwestern. Anybody working in the heart of Dallas has access to the businesses populating the Uptown area. This makes Uptown Dallas a great place to live and still not be that far away from work, eliminating long daily commutes.

Uptown Dallas offers something hard to find in most cities, a unique blend of entertainment, culture, dining, shopping and ongoing community activities and events all in one location.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Apartments On Katy Trail Dallas

The 3.5 mile Katy Trail meanders along the former M-K-T Railroad, featuring a 12 ft. wide concrete path for bicycles and 8 ft. wide soft surface running path. The trail currently extends from Airline Dr. just south of SMU area to American Airlines Center.

With over a dozen public entrances and several others under construction the trail is easily accessible to residents from Victory Park, Uptown and West Village. Several of the apartment and loft communities have private access gates, which gives those residents a great place to bike, walk their dogs, or get in a run after work. Though the Katy Trail is a city park it is maintained and improved entirely with private funds.
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